Danang marathon - Stories
Born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1976.
As a pioneer of Acoustic Surf Music, Keison made his major debut in 2000.

Travelling around the world with his surfboard and guitar, Keison keeps attracting people with his unique world view and voice that is like nothing else.

“Peace is Music. I feel peace when I’m travelling around the world with my surfboard, meeting people from all over the world.”

Danang marathon - Stories
Born in Akita, Japan in 1974.
Yosuke had a influence from his father and started playing guitar when he was 14.

He represented Japan at the Heritage International Jazz Guitar Competition, placed third among top-notch competitors from all over the world in 1995 and came under the spot. In 1999, he won the grand prize at the Gibson Jazz Guitar Competition, after that, he made his major debut. With his absolute technic and keep-evolving unique melody, Yosuke established his position as an immovable popular guitarist.

For me, peace is the music, guitar. Even though we cannot communicate by words each other, simply sound of music enable people connect one another while travelling around the world. I think that is the best part of music. I want to feel peace through music, and keep sending the message by playing music travelling all over the world.”

Danang marathon - Stories



Danang marathon - Stories
14歳の時に、父の影響によりギターを始める。1995年のヘリテージジャズギターコンペ日本代表、世界三位を皮切りに注目を集め、1999年ギブソン・ジャズ・ギターコンテストで優勝、その後プロ活動を開始。確 かなテクニックと常に進行形である独自の音楽性で、不動の人気ギタリストの座を確立した。