If you are from outside Vietnam, you will need to find a flight to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) or Hanoi Vietnam first.
There are 20+ non-stop flights to Danang from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, etc.

Airlines such as Vietnam Airline, Jetstar Pacific Airlines or VietJet Air all have flights to Danang International Airport for fares between VND 400,000 – VND 1,600,000/one way. Flight time from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to Da Nang is only about 1 hour. Another advantage is that Da Nang airport is only 5 minutes from the city center.

To find cheap airfare to Da Nang, you should book 1 month in advance or take advantage of the promotion period of the airline.

  • How long from the airport to the event site/city center.
  • Bien Dong Park is about 7km from the airport, it will take you around 15min by taxi.
  • In addition, Da Nang airport is only 3km away from the city center, which is very convenient to travel to the tourist and entertainment areas of Da Nang city.
  • Transportation from Da Nang Airport to the city you can choose


This is the fastest and most convenient way to travel at the airport. Of course, the cost is also the highest among vehicles. To move into the city center, it will cost you about 60,000 – 100,000 VND.
You can refer to some reputable companies such as:

  • Mai Linh: 0236 3 56 56 56
  • VinaSun Green: 0236 3 68 68 68
  • Tien Sa: 0236 3 79 79 79
  • Han River: 0236 3 72 72 72
  • Aviation: 0236 3 27 27 27
  • In addition, Grab Taxi is also a great choice in Danang.


To catch the bus, you need to walk to the main road, Nguyen Huu Tho. It only takes 3 minutes and the street is very great so it will not be a big problem. It is also easy to travel by bus in Danang thanks to the support of the Danangbus.vn website and the DanaBus mobile app (available on the Google Play Store).


The vehicles are also well-equipped with uniforms, helmets, watches. The rates are also listed on the windshield. Motorbike taxis are usually half the price of a traditional taxi. If you do not travel with many people and do not have a lot of luggage then this can be a perfect choice.


By train, it takes about 15 – 18 hours to get to Da Nang from Hanoi and the same for Ho Chi Minh City, depending on what kind of ticket you buy (SE1, SE2,…). Ticket prices range from VND 230,000 – VND 2,230,000/seat.

You can save money for your trip to Da Nang going by train and have a chance to see the scenery along the road while the train runs. You can find ticket prices and schedule on the Website of Vietnam Railway Corporation.


Located in the “midpoint” between the South, North, there is plenty of coach rides from other provinces to Da Nang. Most of them are with comfortable beds for a 16-20 hour ride.

There are big coach companies coming to Da Nang, Phuong Trang, Mai Linh and Hoang Long from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Prices range from VND 300,000 – 450,000.


In addition to these vehicles, motorcycles are the ideal choice for those who love the streets. Not only are you motivated by time, with motorbikes, you can also enjoy the view of the surroundings, stopping wherever you are and experience the excitement of conquering new streets.