Keeping yourself hydrated when running

Whether it's a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon, hydration is KEY to a successful and safe run during the race.


- Drink plenty of water throughout training, but especially the week leading up to the race.
- Avoid sugary drinks, alcohol and desserts the weekend of the race as they will dehydrate you.
- Load up on fruits and veggies, along with your complex carbs, on the days leading up to the race. You can find them in any fresh market or supermarket in Vietnam.
- Get water at every water stop (or at least every other stop). If you want the sports drink (which you should if the temperatures are 70 or higher), switch at every other station.


- Avoid the sun as much as you can for a few days leading up to the race to stay rested and not deplete any energy stores.
- A lot of people worry about having to go to the bathroom during a race. Avoid water 60 minutes prior to the race but if you have to go – go! There will be plenty of opportunities along the way.
- Pay attention to your urine throughout your entire training period. If it's clear – you are well hydrated. If it is not – drink up!


  • Race day: August 11th, 2019
  • Time: 04:00 AM
  • Location: Bien Dong park, Da Nang city


Thanks for the organization of the first Da Nang Marathon! I had a great time and enjoyed the nice course around the city and along the waterfront. Will recommend this to my friends and truly hope to there will be a second Da Nang Marathon next year

Andre Zimmermann Germany

Congratulations on the best ever first marathon organized in such a beautiful place. Absolutely enjoyed it and will ensure we pass the word around to running enthusiasts in our part of the world

Eileen Goh Singapore

The De Nang Marathon/Half Marathon is an event which allows you to not only run 42.2k or 21.1k but also an opportunity to explore an exciting part of Vietnam .In particular I totally enjoyed my two visits to Hoi An. The Vietnamese people are extremely friendly and race organisation is faultless.

Pat Carroll Australia

Just wanted to thank you guys for a fantastic experience at the Race in Da Nang. Really appreciated the regular and well stocked drinks tables (with plenty of sports drinks). Also, the roads seemed well policed to save us from the Da Nang traffic. A great first year. My only suggestion is an earlier start for next year (even for the half marathon)… pretty much everyone I have spoken to said that this would make sense.

Peter Whalley UK