AIMS to start the 2019 Danang International Marathon

The Danang International Marathon is the first professional marathon in Vietnam certified by IAAF – AIMS (International Association of Athletics Federations and Association of International Marathons and Distance Races).

The 2018 run marked the 6-year anniversary with nearly 7000 runners joining the Danang International Marathon. Now two months later almost all our runners are fully recovered and looking forward to running again next year!

One of the main attractions of the race is the beauty of the course itself; how stunning it is to see the sun rising on the horizon, the city slowly coming alive, all while crossing the bridges that are characteristic of the city. Just running this race can give you a glimpse of how beautiful Danang truly is. This atmosphere is why the Danang International Marathon was rated one of the most beautiful race routes in Vietnam. The race includes 5 different bridges, an incredible sunrise, and cheering supporters.

Preparing for an amazing race is not easy, it requires a lot of effort and the determination to give runners the race route that they deserve. That’s why we are already working on a new race course in Danang. Many are asking if can it be more beautiful than previous years’, but the answer is yes! We can’t reveal more details yet but we will be back with more hot updates! Here are some of the photos from our last trip to Danang with AIMS to plan out a new race course: