Risemount Danang Premier Resort was chosen as the New excellent resort 2017 by the Guide awards. Separating themselves from others Risemount Danang Premier Resort is designed with a theme of Greek hotel in Santorini. This is the perfect stay for anyone who is looking for a nice getaway!

Find the balance during your stay The perfect combination of man-made Italian architecture and natural feature has been inspired by the unique beauty of Santorini island creating a stunning pool view that will never disappoint any tourists coming to this place. Walking around the hotel yard or lying down and bronzing your skin will surely an amazing medication for the soul. Get some time to cool down yourself and balance things out!

Promise only is definitely not enough.
Risemount Danang Premier Resort proved themself as one of the best accommodate service. Every single detail from rooms to facilities were individually designed with customer convenience always kept in mind. Event just a smallest thing or a tiny corner can strongly express their deep thoughtfulness.Featuring with all the tones of ocean blue which is a perfect duplicate of mediterranean design, the room design brings a truly fresh atmosphere for each stay of all tourists coming to Risemount Danang Premier Resort.

Can’t miss out their special offers and warm hospitality!
Offering a breakfast buffet with wide range of local food and beverage, Risemount Danang Premier Resort can easily please even the pickiest eater. There is no better way to start an extremely exploring adventure with Danang than a nutritious breakfast. More than that, Risemount Danang Premier Resort also received countless of compliments for their mighty hospitality at all range of customer service.

Throw back our stay at Danang.
Being The Host Hotel, Risemount Danang Premier Resort had provided tremendous support as well as unforgettable experience to our runners. From Carboload Dinner with high quality food to after race party with great atmosphere. Risemount Danang Premier Resort is more than the perfect place for runner to stay during their race-cation in Danang.