By submitting your registration, you have agreed to enter and participate in the following event, Danang International Marathon 2019, and abide by all the terms and conditions set forth by city officials, organizers, and event supporting groups.


    Participants may change their distance up until 11:59 pm Sun, 9th June 2019 – UTC+07:00 (or once the registration is sold out).

If you wish to change distance, kindly email, and provide the following information
– Your registered name and email
– Your registration ID
– Your registered distance
– Indicate what changes you would like to have (upgrade/downgrade)

If you change to a distance with a higher fee than the registered distance, you are required to pay the difference in entry fees at the point of upgrade.

If you change to a distance with a fee lower than the registered distance, there is no refund of the difference in entry fees.

An administration fee of 100,000 VND must be paid upon any changes.

Participants can transfer their entries up until 11:59 pm Sun, 9th June 2019 – UTC+07:00 .

If you wish to change the distance, kindly email, and provide the following information:

Registered participant’s information
– Your registered email
– Your registration ID
– Your registered distance

New participant’s information
– DOB, gender, nationality, and email address
– Emergency contact
– T-shirt size

An administration fee of 300,000 VND must be paid for every transfer.


Minimum age of a participant is 18 years old, on race day, to enter the Full Marathon (42KM), 16 years old for the Half Marathon (21KM), and 12 years old for the 10KM distance. Any participant discovered to be under the required age by registered distance will be disqualified. Any parent or legal guardian who enters a person under the required ages and participates in the race will be disqualified and banned from the race for a period of up to 2 years.

All participants must show their personal documents (ID/Passport) when picking up their race packets for proper verification.

Race numbers can only be picked up at the designated location of the RACE KIT PICK-UP. Information on location & time will be provided to participants at least 1 week before race day. No special arrangements will be made.

Without exception, all participants must agree to and sign the event waiver included in the registration e-form by clicking in the box “Agree”.

Race entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.

If some of the above topics need more clarification, please inform the organizer via email ( The organizer will hold the final decision.


Bibs are assigned and must be picked up & verified by the person who originally registered for it. The bib number can only be obtained at the Kit Collection point – information of time/location will be sent to the participant at least 1 week prior to the event date. The Organizer will not arrange for any exceptions to the individual registration (kit delivery, early pickup, etc.) unless the participants join as group/company/sponsors. The timing chip will be pinned under the bib number and need to be tested at the timing chip counter on Race Kit pick up day. Participants found to be wearing or transporting two or more timing chips during the race will be disqualified and banned from future events.

All registrations and bibs assigned are strictly prohibited from being swapped, re-sold, transferred, or worn by another person on race day. A person running with a bib not assigned to them will result in their disqualification. The person to whom the bib was registered to will also be disqualified. All participants must always wear the official bib at the start line, during race, and at the finish line to be identified and treated as a participant of the race. Race bibs must be pinned on the front of the participant’s singlet, shirt, or shorts and must always be clearly visible. Participants who can’t be verified as they pass by officials and checkpoints due to missing or obscured race numbers may be removed from the course or disqualified under the suspicion of cheating. Race numbers may not be folded or cut.

Please note:
Complimentary Entry Registrations (CER) are entitled to:

  • Podium, if one of the ranking winners
  • Trophy, if one of the ranking winners
  • Have race results with rankings on our event website
  • Medal (if race distance is completed within allotted time)
  • Finisher or runner shirt, whichever is provided in the race category
  • No CER is entitled to receive any cash or sponsor prizes.

The race course can be defined as the roadway between the edges and curbs and by the marks and cones.
Participants must not destroy or vandalize any public or private property. Individuals will be subject according to the Vietnamese Law for penalties and punishment with violations in and around the venue and on the race route. Participants on the race route must take full responsibility for their actions.
Participants are responsible for recognizing and understanding the event signage and symbols relating to the race route maps, facilities, and directions.
Participants must retire immediately from the race if ordered to do so by a member of the event’s official staff, official medical staff, or any government authority, including fire department and police officers.

  1. Start
    Participants are required to start in their designated race corrals.
    All participants must get into their starting corral at the assigned entry points. Illegal entering such as climbing over the fence will result in disqualification from the event. Any participant late for their races’ start time or attempting to enter a start corral to which they are not assigned will be required to start after all other participants have crossed the start line (start at the last wave). All participants are responsible for knowing the event’s start times for their respective races, and check-in method for their corral. All participants must remain in their corral at the appointed time to receive further instructions and get into the official start of the race. In order to maintain safety, late-arriving participants must report to the last corral.
  2. Time Limit
    The Event has a maximum race day finish time of 7 hours measured from the Full Marathon Start time. The Marathon course will reopen for public use on a rolling schedule based on this time limit. Participants that fail to keep up with the pace will be guided to the sidewalk and continue to complete the race, however, a finishing time may not be guaranteed. Once directed to the sidewalk, the participants must comply with all the traffic and pedestrian laws. The aid stations will also be closed as the same time as the streets.
    The event time requirement applies to all forms of entry and event participation.
  3. Sportsmanship
    Participants must respectfully and immediately comply with the directions of any race official, event staff, or government authority. Participants may not make any public protest or display of disgust with regards to the application of these rules or any decision of any race marshal or official.
    No participant shall make a bad-faith protest against any other participants.
    All complaints must be presented at the information booth for processing and verification.
  4. Conduct & Interference
    At all times during the event, participants will act with due consideration of the safety and rights of other participants. Regardless of the circumstances or competitive disadvantage, no participant shall commit any act that endangers another participant. Participants shall not intentionally obstruct, impede or interfere with the forward progress of another participant. These actions stated above are safety hazards and participants endangering others will be subject to a ban from future events.
  5. Course-Cutting
    Participants must remain on the race course, which is determined by the roadway’s edges and curbs or the marks and cones. Those who intentionally shorten the race route, or “course-cutting” will be disqualified. Any participant that abandons the race course, no matter the reason, must re-enter the race at the last post, or else they will be disqualified for course-cutting. Moreover, a course-cutting violation can be decided by eye-witness reports, surveillance equipment and video, failure to register times at timing mats, or being absent in race photography. Participants whose split times are missing or irregular at official timing checkpoints will be reanalyzed and considered for disqualification.
  6. Unauthorized Persons
    Only participants who registered to join the race are allowed along the course from 4am-12am. No other person is authorized to be on the course unless they are registered participants. Such unauthorized persons include but are not limited to the children and other family members and friends of participating athletes. All unauthorized persons will be directed to leave the start and secured finish areas and the course. All unauthorized persons and those not issued bib numbers shall be directed to leave the course.
  7. Participant safety
    For the safety of the participant and the others around him/her, participants are not allowed to carry more than what is necessary for the race.
    You may have with you while running the following:
    – Pocket-sized audio player and headphones
    – Pocket-sized cellular phone
    – Pocket-sized photographic devices (example mini-sport cameras only)
    – Hydration bottles and fuel belts
    – Flags that can fit in the pocket (must be non-commercial)
    – Hydration bags and belts (specifically only for hydration and nutrition)

Prohibited items include:
– Selfie sticks, any camera mount which is not attached directly to the head or torso
– Weapons & sharp objects
– Signs & banners larger than 30cm x 45cm
– Duvets, sleeping bags, and large blankets or comforters
– Alcoholic beverages and illegal substances of any kind
– Flycam, unmanned aerial devices, or any other flying device
– Glass containers
– Any containers of liquid that are larger than one liter
– Backpacks bigger than 15L in volume
– Weight vests
The use of wheeled devices by participants is strictly limited to authorized and officially registered wheelchair and handcycle participants, baby joggers,  and baby strollers. Skateboards, rollerblades, unauthorized bicycles or any other wheeled device are not permitted in Full Marathon, Half Marathon & 10KM races.
No animals of any kind, including dogs, may be brought on the course or into the Start or Finish line areas. Infant and children cannot be carried at any point on the race course or at the Start or Finish line areas.

  1. Directions from Officials
    Participants must retire immediately from the race if ordered to do so by a member of the event’s official staff, official medical staff, or any governmental authority, including fire and police officers. Event officials will have the right to reserve the right to delay, cancel, or suspend the race due to safety or security concerns, weather.
  2. Directions from Medical Officials
    Authorized medical personnel will have the right to require a participant to stop at any point on the race course for an examination. Medical personnel may remove a participant from the event if it is in the best interest of the participant’s health and welfare. Any participant who fails to immediately accept the direction of an authorized medical personnel will be disqualified and may be banned from future events. Participants allowed by medical personnel to continue the race course will not be judged to have received any illegal assistance and will not be penalized.
    Participants need to take full responsibility for any and all medical expenses incurred as a result of training for and/or participation in the event, including but not limited to ambulance transport, hospital stays, physician, pharmaceutical goods and services.

The top 3 finishers in Full Marathon (42KM), Half Marathon (21KM), 10KM distance will receive a commemorative award. All official finishers, within the respective cut off times, will receive a commemorative medal.
Elites Category:
– Full Marathon – 42KM distance: the top 5 finishers of each gender, will receive a medal and a prize. All official finishers, within the respective cut off times, will receive a commemorative medal.
– Half Marathon and 10KM – 21KM and 10KM distance: the top 3 finishers of each gender will receive a medal and a prize. All official finishers, within the respective cut off times, will receive a commemorative medal.

1 Finisher medals & finisher t-shirt.
All runners who cross the start and finish line during the event will receive their finisher shirts (42KM and 21KM races).
All runners who cross the finish line within the respective cut off time for their respective registered races will receive the race medal. (42KM, 21KM, 10KM races)

2 Did Not Finish (DNF) participants
Participants who finish the race beyond the cut off time given to them for their respective race will be marked as Did Not Finish in the results page.
All DNF participants are not eligible to receive the medals. The medal is a privilege, not a right, for participants and the registration is the chance to earn the medal and not a payment for it. The medal is a symbol of achievement, making it not for sale.

3 Official times for all races
All runners are timed electronically by the organizer’s system which reads the chip attached to your bib. Do not at any time cut, peel, bend, or damage your bib and chip, and protect your bibs. The net time is when the chip crosses the start line and when it crosses the finish line. The official time is based on the gun start time and the time the chip crosses the finish line. All official times “Gun times”, and the net time, is provided on the results page of the official event website.


By submitting your registration you are agreeing to enter into the event and also agree to abide by these Conditions of Entry, the Event Conditions, and any instructions were given to you by the organizers and officials of the event.

  1. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the event, and/or to ask you to cease participation if you participate in the event with a manner that we believe:
    – may cause injury to you or another participant;
    – may damage or harm the environment;
    – in our opinion is likely to cause offense;
    – otherwise causes a risk or potential risk to health and safety of anyone involved;
    – exhibits symports of alcohol or drug use;
    – may be caused by an injury, illness, or other health problems
  2. If the reason for cancellation goes beyond our reasonable control arise, including, without limitation, war, civil or political unrest, terrorism or inclement weather conditions, or any internal reasons, there will not be a refund.
  3. The use of your data and images as detailed in Danang International Marathon privacy policy.
  4. You agree that any audio, visual, or audio-visual recordings that you make of the event or any part of it are for personal use only and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.
    – Personal information includes medical data collected for health and safety purposes
    – You agree that the Personal Information relating to you can be stored, used by us and our event partners in connection with the organization, staging, and administration of the event.
    – You agree that the personal information relating to you may be anonymized and the anonymized data may be used by us and our event partners in connection with the compilation of statistical information:
    + The promotion and marketing of the event;
    + Adding you to a mailing list to keep you informed about any future events and services which we believe you might be interested in, such as leisure activities relating to either similar types of events or activities; promotional and marketing material in respect of similar events, other community-based activities organized by our event partners, (together the “Marketing Information”).
  5. It is YOUR responsibility to be fit and well on the day of the marathon in order to enjoy the experience and not put yourself at risk. We take no liability for death or personal injury, fraud, or any other liability to the extent it cannot be excluded or limited by law.
  6. Please check your Race Kit carefully when you receive it on Race Kit pick up day. There will be a T-shirt, bib number (chip tag), race guide, medal*, finisher t-shirt* with your corresponding distance of Race Kit. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your race kit or there are any goods missing after when you bring it out of Race Kit pick up site, we won’t be able to accept back any goods or exchange for any new ones.
  7. The participant knows that running a road race is a potentially hazardous activity. The participant will not enter and run unless the participant is medically able and properly trained. The participant agrees to abide by any decisions of a race official relative to his/ her ability to safely complete the run. The participant assumes all risks associated with running this event, which cannot be eliminated completely, ranging from minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including, but not limited to tripping and falling, contact with other participants, the effects of weather, traffic and the conditions of the road, and death, all such risks being known and acknowledged by the participant. Having read this waiver and knowing these facts and in consideration of acceptance of entry, the participant, for his/ herself and anyone entitled to act on his/ her behalf, waive and release the race and the Danang City, its board members, officers, employees, sponsors, volunteers, contractors, subcontractors, and agents, their representatives and successors from, and agree not to sue any of the foregoing on, any and all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of his/ her participation in this event even though that liability may arise out of negligence, whether sole, joint, concurrent, or gross, or carelessness on the part of the person named in this waiver. In the event of inclement weather and the organizer has decided to call off or stop the event, the participant agrees to abide by their decision and if the participant decides otherwise, he/she acknowledges all the risks involved and hereby waive & release the race, its organizers and Danang City, from any and all claims or liabilities
  8.  Scope/limitation of using images/videos made at the eventAthletes / participants can freely film / take photographs at the event. However, the organizer restricts filming / photography cases for commercial purpose at the event. The Organizer reserves the right to charge in case of detecting videos / photos recorded at the event being used for commercial purposes.
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